Late night snacking? Here are 5 simple ways to conquer them.

Late night snacking? Here are 5 simple ways to conquer them.

It’s late, you’re almost ready for bed, but hey, you’re hungry… we get it!

A late-night snack is satisfying but isn’t the greatest for our body –especially before sleeping. Why? Before sleeping, our body prepares by slowing down its functions. What’s eaten before bed is slower to digest.

So, let’s conquer those late-night snacks!

Here are 5 simple ways to overcome them:

  1. WATER OR TEA! Try simply drinking a glass of water or caffeine-free herbal tea. Often, late-night snacking is a matter of habit. Instead of eating, drinking a nice glass of water or a hot (ideally organic) cup of tea, is a great substitute!
  2. THINK ABOUT IT! Think about what you’re eating throughout the day. Often, we snack at night because our body feels its lacking something. Reflect on what you ate today and see if you’re getting enough variety and nutrients throughout your day. Eat color, fresh fruit, and vegetables, and it’s best to schedule your meals and snacks and stick to that schedule.
  3. BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Hey, it works. Brushing your teeth triggers that “I’m done eating” sensation. So, it would be a good idea to try brushing your teeth before those late-night cravings check in.
  4. SLEEP BETTER! This is the #1 way to get over late-night snacking. Most adults who succumb to late-night snacking, which often means eating junk foods, unfortunately, due so late at night, when they should be sleeping instead. And so, the best recommendation is to simply focus on your sleep. Make sure you’re getting quality sleep and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule.
  5. HOW ABOUT A FRUIT OR VEGGIE? If you’re set on eating something, have a light fruit or vegetable. Low glycemic, carb-free, and high in water, these foods offer pure nourishment along with active vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more. The colorful array of fruits and vegetables are always a great snack option. But since it’s still before bed, eaten lightly and consciously is best. No screens, enjoy the moment 

Again, we get it! It’s not easy to get over late-night snacking. But definitely put some thought onto these simple, yet super effective 5 points and remember:

Every time you choose real food over junk food or avoid junk food all together, it’s an absolute win for your body and your wellness!

Eat more real foods and your body will crave more real food, naturally.

Today’s Daily Action

Do you snack before bed? Think about the 5 points above.

Which one would work best for you?

Tonight, if you get those cravings, put one of these points into action. If you overcome that craving, it’s an absolute win!

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