Let’s be real… what really is REAL FOOD?

Let’s be real… what really is REAL FOOD?

When it comes to our wellness, there’s A LOT of confusion out there! We are so bombarded by videos on social, so-called health experts, whatever is trending, and of course, the intense advertising from big brands that want you to buy their products.

Woah, let’s take a breather 

We all know that our wellness is very much dependent on what we eat. And forgetting all the fads, diets, and gurus –the best you could do for your wellness is truly simple… EAT MORE REAL FOOD!

So, what really is real food?

Let’s be real here… in its most simple form, real foods are not processed and in their most natural state, the way Mother Nature intended them to be.

And they’re essentially the entire variety of foods that grow naturally from Earth, that don’t require any processing or modification to grow or be eaten, and that can easily be traced back to where they were grown. Real foods and whole foods essentially mean the same: food in its most natural form!

This is a super simple list of real foods you already know:
– The incredible variety of colorful Fruits
– The vast array of different Vegetables
– Whole Grains
– Beans & Legumes
– Nuts & Seeds
– Herbs & Spices
– Water
– Farm-Raised Meats, Eggs, & Fish

These REAL FOODS offer you the most active nutrition with their incredible array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and so much more! Eaten in balance, they naturally and completely support your everyday wellness, weight-management, disease prevention, energy, and, well, how you feel!

So, what makes some food… not real?

Processed foods are the problem here. They are typically falsely marketed with healthy components, buzz words, and attractive packaging, but essentially, these foods are stripped, milled, chopped, blanched, mixed, packaged, and preserved to produce the array of junk foods we have, unfortunately, come to know and love today. They include flavouring, false textures, preservatives, sweeteners, salts, oils, and fats to taste better, last longer, and ultimately, sell better.

It all comes down to what you choose to eat.

We know that processed foods typically taste amazing… they were made to taste amazing! But ultimately, the best foods for our every day wellness are those that are truly WHOLE!

Every time you eat, you’re essentially making a choice. At Real Food Love, we strongly encourage you to consciously choose to eat more REAL FOODS 

Why? Because every time you choose to eat real, whole food, your body is getting the nourishment it needs to take on the day, while at the same time, becoming less dependent on junk food.

So hey, let’s celebrate with a delicious, juicy real food snack! Cheers 😉

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