What happens to your body after eating a Big Mac? Hint: Your body ain’t lovin’ it.

What happens to your body after eating a Big Mac? Hint: Your body ain’t lovin’ it.

So, let’s get real here… most of us know that a Big Mac is not a healthy lunch. Yet literally thousands of people right now are eating one.

Why? Because it’s created to be highly addictive… most junk foods are. Combined with its incredible marketing, the Big Mac is perhaps the world’s most recognized burger. 

So what’s the problem with eating a Big Mac? Well, here’s the reality.

The Big Mac is a high calorie, high sodium, high cholesterol burger made with processed ingredients (notably the bun, cheese, and sauce) that causes your body high blood sugar, insulin imbalance, food addiction, and slow digestion.

Okay there’s a lot going on here! We know…
But these are the just the facts!

And here are the “nutrition” facts of an average Big Mac:  

  • 550 Calories
  • 30 g of Total Fat (38% DV)
  • 45 g of Total Carbs (16% DV)
  • 25 g of Protein
  • 1010 mg of Sodium (44% DV)
  • 80mg of Cholesterol (26% DV)

    Source: McDonalds.com

This doesn’t even include that side of fries and a Coke… which most people also go for.

Notice the high amounts of salt, cholesterol, and fat. These are the compounds that are most concerning to our wellness.

Here’s an incredibly interesting infographic, developed by the website Fast Food Menu Price, on how a Big Mac affects the body after 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 minutes after eating it… take a look 

Credit: Fast Food Menu Price

  • 10 MINUTES: Because of the high calorie, fat, and salt combination, our brain is immediately triggered with a pleasure response. But this is also causing our blood sugar level to rise. 
  • 20 MINUTES: The high-fructose corn syrup and sodium in the white, processed buns cause an addictive response.
  • 30 MINUTES: The high sodium can spur dehydration, causing kidney and heart problems, and potentially, high blood pressure.
  • 40 MINUTES: The increase of your blood sugar level is causing you to still feel hungry and crave more… seriously, after just eating this big burger nearly 40 minutes ago, most people will still feel hungry and crave more. While your insulin spikes and hunger pains begin.
  • AND 60 MINUTES: That Big Mac is still digesting. Trans Fats take a long time to digest, approx. 51 days.  

Look, we get it!

A lot of people LOVE the Big Mac and hate being told it’s bad. But we can’t escape reality…

If you’re looking to nourish your body with the ultimately healthiest foods available on our planet, it’s simple. EAT MORE REAL FOODS! And stay away as much as you can from processed foods.

Every time you eat real food, you’re making a positive decision for your body and health. So our simple recommendation and, hopefully, your motivation: eat more real, wholesome, unprocessed foods. You got this!

Today’s Daily Action

Think about the last time you ate fast-food. How did it make you feel?

Seriously… Was it fresh, real food, or mostly processed and high in fat, sodium, and sugar?

It’s okay, we all indulge and that’s completely fine! As long as we’re conscious about it, and so that’s the goal of today’s action.

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