Why Diets are mostly… well BS!

Why Diets are mostly… well BS!

Every year, there seems to be a new diet or trend recommended to us from, mostly, people on social. And while of course, a lot of people are sharing some great insight and good health tips, in general, the diets recommended are… well BS.

When it comes to changing our relationship with food, we usually always think of starting a diet. Going on a diet typically means drastically changing what you eat for some time, and they are usually associated with the goal of losing or maintaining weight.

But 95% of the time… they fail. WHY? Because diets don’t really change our long-term eating patterns.

It has less to do with what the diet is recommending you eat, but really, just the concept of dieting itself.

Diets are focusing on the wrong things:

  1. Weight-Loss? Most diets focus on weight loss and that’s not right. The most important area to focus on when it comes to our relationship with food is our health! Not our weight. Losing or maintaining our weight is an outcome of how we eat and our relationship with food. When we eat healthier and in moderate quantities, we are naturally able to achieve our ideal weight.
  2. Going Long-Term. Diets also fail to change long-term decision-making processes. Many of our eating patterns are based on our habits. We have a latte each morning because, well, we always have a latte each morning. We like to late night snack because we often get those cravings. And so on! Diets ask people to eat and drink different foods and beverages but do little to help people identify their habitual behaviours and develop better habits.
  3. The End. Ending a diet usually means going back to previous habits and incorporating previously “forbidden” foods. With the lack of motivation to keep going, we tend to go back to how we were eating before.

So if diets are BS, what should we do?

It’s simple yet sometimes seems too simple to be true: EAT MORE REAL FOODS!

With your personal motivation to eat better and with enough willpower everyday to make the right decisions on what you eat and drink, try to eat more real foods, every day.

Every time you choose to eat real, unprocessed, whole foods over what is usually junk food, you’ve absolutely made a win for your body and health.

It really all starts one delicious fruit or vegetable at a time. Being conscious of what you eat and taking small steps that will develop better habits.

Get your friends and family to support you on your “not a diet” but long-term relationship with eating real foods! And moving forward in your journey to better health.

Now that’s real food love.

Today’s Simple Action: 

When you’re facing that decision today on what you’re having for a snack, take a mental note. Can you swap it for real food?

Hey, if its already real food, then just take a moment to celebrate!

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