Why do junk foods taste so damn good?

Why do junk foods taste so damn good?

You’ve been out and about and craving for a snack. All around you are donuts, fries, pizza, chips, soft drinks… oh, it just goes on and on. They’ll all calling for you… and it’s tempting.

But deep down, you know you can do better.

We’ve all been there. These foods seem so attractive to just bite into, but really have no nutritional value. So why is it that junk foods taste so damn good?

Well, it all starts with SALT, FAT, and SUGAR.

These are the three nutrients that play the vital role in our internal pleasure systems. A lot of it stems from our evolutionary survival. Throughout time, salt, fat, and sugar have been essential sources for energy and calories.

The problem is that today, companies are combining insane quantities of salt, fat, and sugar, matched with incredible marketing… freaking out our brain in an overly happy way.

Certain studies show that the areas in our brain responsible for pleasure just light up when we see, smell, or eat junk foods. The science is still improving, but what is crystal clear is that, although they taste amazing, junk foods are just… well junk.

Every one of us are different, of course. Some of us have more of a drive for these pleasure-reacting foods, while others less. Some of us are guilty of emotional and stress eating, which re-wires our brain to further enhance those happy signals.

It’s not all bad, we just need to be more conscious of what we’re eating.

So, let’s get back to having that snack! All these salty, fatty, sugary foods are calling for you to get closer. It’s gonna take a little bit of willpower, but you can do it. Take a deep breathe and reflect on it. How about grabbing that delicious fruit? That whole food bar? Those savoury vegetables? With a little bit of willpower every day, you’ll come to realize that you don’t need junk foods in your life. And that they don’t have control over you. Rather, you’ll learn to fall in love with real food!

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